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Elisa Possenti - Painter and illustrator artist

Elisa Possenti

Painter and illustrator artist

Elisa Possenti was born in Bologna in 1970. She is a painter, illustrator and fresco decorator.

She studied at the Liceo Artistico in Lucca and specialized in drawing and painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. After finishing her studies, she refined her technique using the expressiveness of watercolor. She attended the stage of the Czechoslovak master illustrator Stepan Zavrel. She soon began her fantastic production of illustrations, creating drawings of fairy tales and children's stories that she published with international publishers.

In 1997, her first illustrated album 'Le chat dans le violon' was published by Grandir Editions, Orange, France. In the same year by 'Iris and the Black Cat', her first book, later translated into several languages, for Ediz. San Paolo, Milan, with whom she collaborated for a long time. This was followed by an important series of publications and exhibitions at National and International Exhibitions such as the Museo della Grafica in Pisa, the Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia, the Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza, the Annual Fair in Bologna and Taiwan, and the Galerie Mairie du 7ème in Paris.

Elisa Possenti

From 2004 to 2014, she was temporarily involved in the handcrafted luxury furniture decoration for a well-known Italian company. She learns new techniques, which she introduces to her artistic skills: she creates unusual work by looking for effects of transparency and light, adds material preparations to the canvases and supports she paints, and creates several murals for private clients and a stained-glass window during those years.

Illustration and painting complement each other in a cross-production in which the artist's eclectic and visionary identity takes different forms in various techniques and media.

Today, she teaches painting and drawing at the Liceo Artistico. She lives in the Tuscan countryside where she works in illustration, painting and wall decoration.

Galerie Béatrice Hodent de Broutelles - Paris, 2024
Atelier, the world of Elisa Possenti - Fauglia, 2023